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About Legacy Of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha, (MKSSS), Pune

Prof. D. K. Karve founded an Institution in a village called “Hingne” near Pune City. The Institution was named as “Hingne Stree Shikshan Sanstha”. Later, the Institution was renamed as “Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha's”.

Prof. Karve founded this Institution with an aim to uplift, emancipate and educate the destituted and downtrodden. Prof. Karve dedicated his whole life for this humanitarian cause with great determination and courage. He was awarded “Bharat Ratna” the highest national award for his sacrifice and dedicated social work and his contribution to the noble cause .

On 14th June in the year 1896, in the village ‘Hingne’ near Pune city, Maharshi Karve started a “Home for Widows”, along with a school for Widows, so that they become educated and self-reliant. He fought throughout his life to make this happen. The “Home for Widows” was then named as ‘Hingne Stree Shikshan Sanstha’ and the school was named as ‘Mahilashram High School’.

Development of the Institution:

Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, (MKSSS), Pune has diversified branches all over Maharashtra in India and about 25,000 girl students are learning in these institutions. Over the period of last 119 years, the Institution has grown like a banyan tree and at present, it is running 62 educational and other units. These units are located at Pune, Satara, Wai, Ratnagiri, Nagpur, Kamshet etc. All these units are meant only for girls or women.

Around 25,000 girl students are learning in Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary schools and Colleges. We have established Engineering, Architecture, Management, Nursing, Fashion Technology, Vocational Training Institute, Health Center etc. These branches strive to develop women into truly performing citizens in today’s globalization era. We also have hostel facilities for students and working women and old age home for senior citizens.

Purpose of Establishment:

In the 18th century, social pattern in India was such that no women were going to schools for education. With the purpose of upliftment , emancipation and education of women, who formed a major section of the socially downtrodden, Maharshi D. K. Karve founded an Institution called “Hingne Stree Shikshan Samstha”, in the year 1896. Prof. Karve dedicated his whole life for this humanitarian cause with great determination and courage.

Vision of the Parent Organization:

Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve, a revered Visionary with extraordinary legacy of work in the field of women emancipation and education, is the inspiration and guiding soul behind the MKSSS’s vision of “Empowered Women playing equal role in Society and Nation building”. In keeping up with the vision, MKSSS strives to build a society of equal opportunities, social justice, a society where women will have their due importance, can live an enriched quality of life, a life of freedom and personal fulfillment. MKSSS works towards empowerment and enrichment of women through education, innovative training for life skills and job skills, pioneering the entry of women in new technology areas and new job domains. MKSSS’s vision also includes facilitating self employment, awareness and sensitivity to women issues in society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement a comprehensive education system that provides creative design knowledge and training in the field of Fashion Design and Designing Technology.